Price and Promotion Analysis...

Our experienced field force of price data collectors provides comprehensive coverage of the UK and Ireland.
They utilise a variety of ‘sensitive’ techniques to collect price and promotions data. Our team collect prices with and without store level knowledge; we use smart software to then validate the prices as a first point quality control as well as subsequent electronic validation at our offices to eliminate erroneous price patterns.
All pricing summaries are then 100% verified by sight checks. We have extensive experience in almost all UK retail categories and are verifying literally 1,000’s of prices every day.
With promotional slots becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to come by, it is essential for retailers and manufacturers to fully utilise their space.  On-Site Research compliance audits offer a flexible service to answer some fundamental questions in real time, often within an hour of fieldwork. All information is supplied store by store as well as on an aggregate basis:
  • Are my units in all the stores, if not where are the gaps?
  • What types of displays are in store, are they as planned?
  • Are they properly merchandised?
  • Are there any ‘Out Of Stocks’?